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A successful direct mail program can make the difference between having a good admissions year or a disappointing one. For many colleges and universities, direct mail is the most effective way to make improvements in the quantity, quality and diversity of the freshman class. It can also be the most efficient way to develop new geographic markets for your institution.

GDAIS Direct Mail goes well beyond the traditional services of a mail house. Through list selection, audience segmentation and copywriting, we'll maximize your direct mail program to deliver targeted messages to your most likely prospects.

Research-based letters

Our research affiliate, George Dehne & Associates Research, surveys approximately 10,000 college-bound students each year. Much of the focus of this research is on the kinds of information and communication students want from colleges. With this information, we can help you target messages to specific groups of students.

Professional, targeted copywriting

We have several talented copywriters who can assist with the development of your direct mail letter or, if you prefer, write the entire piece. Because we focus on matriculants rather than inquiry volume, we produce letters that creatively match students' interests and characteristics with your institution. Our expertise can alleviate some of the anxiety associated with developing an effective direct mail program. Our creative approach will let prospects know from the outset if your school is a good match and will compel those who respond to apply and eventually enroll.

Personalization, customization and variability

One of the important elements of a successful recruitment program is communicating with prospects on a personal level, from the initial search appeal to the deposit acknowledgement letter. Customization through specialized paragraphs, specific references and postscripts is a hallmark of our letter development process<.


The most successful direct mail programs tend to be developed over time with extensive testing and cross testing. We encourage our clients to conduct regular tests within the context of their ongoing mail programs so they can measure new ideas against previous mail programs. With the help of our experienced direct mail professionals, you can develop a more productive and efficient direct mail program.

Experienced professional

The GDAIS Direct Mail staff has over 85 cumulative years of experience in every aspect of the direct mail business, from developing institutional positioning strategies to letter writing and package design, to production, quality control and customer service. We have a good understanding of what works and what doesn't, and we know a lot about what students think and say about direct mail communications. Wouldn't you like to have this level of expertise behind you when you plan your next direct mail campaign?

For more information about direct mail and broadcast e-mail, please contact:

Bob Campagnuolo
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