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To Grow or not to Grow? That is the Question.

The GDA Enrollment Growth Feasibility and Advisability Study

An institutional dilemma: What if your college or university wants or even needs to grow its enrollment, but you are not sure if it is feasible or advisable? While declines in enrollment can be devastating, uncontrolled growth has its own pitfalls. An overly optimistic expansion in facilities, programs and staff with an expectation of growth that is not forthcoming can also cripple an institution. On the other hand, growth in enrollment could be advantageous to your institution by providing a better experience for your students. Or, your institution may simply need a greater number of students to sustain it.

GDA Integrated Services announces its Enrollment Growth Feasibility and Advisability Study, an exclusive, comprehensive analysis of your institution’s opportunities for and challenges to significant and sustainable growth.

What qualifies GDA Integrated Services for this?

At GDAIS, a feasibility and advisability of enrollment growth study includes the following:

In all cases, we project increased enrollment numbers of all new and current undersubscribed programs. Because GDA Integrated Services has consulted with more than 400 colleges and universities, we will recommend when appropriate what we have seen are best practices.

Our report will include:

Enrollment Growth Projection Graph