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Successful student recruitment generally involves much more than an effective admissions staff. At GDAIS we believe that new student recruitment is the responsibility of the entire college or university community, and our institution-wide student recruitment assessment reflects this view. GDAIS consultants review admissions reports, any available market research, publications, recruitment correspondence and financial aid data in advance of a two-day visit to the campus. During the visit we meet with all senior administrators, members of the admissions and financial aid staffs, selected members of the faculty and groups of students. Among the questions we seek to answer are:

1. Does the college or university have a clear position in the marketplace?

When appropriate, we will suggest ways to develop or enhance the position.

2. Does the institution know enough about itself and its markets?

We review and analyze all relevant research pertaining to the client including self-study documents, admitted student questionnaires, CIRP data and so forth. When necessary we provide a step-by-step research agenda for the future.

3. Does the college or university have the appropriate "symbols?"

Since higher education is basically intangible, prospective students and their parents look for "symbols" that indicate a college actually does what it says it does. When appropriate we suggest symbols that will be effective in attracting prospective students.

4. Is the campus mobilized for student recruitment?

Everyone on campus from the maintenance crew to the most noted professor needs to understand his or her role in student recruitment. In our "assessment," we determine if the college or university has a mobilized campus and how to aid those areas that might not fully appreciate their role.

5. What is distinctive about the college or university?

Obviously a distinctive character, program or activity is far more difficult to duplicate than an admissions office tactic. Many institutions don't know what makes them distinctive, and other institutions think they are distinctive when they are not. We tell you how to take advantage of what makes your institution different. We tease out the distinctive characteristics, programs, and activities at an institution and suggest ways to promote these distinctions more effectively.

6. Does the college or university have adequate name recognition?

In our "assessment," we look at how other areas of the institution support student recruitment by gaining more name recognition. We provide cost effective and innovative ways for your institution to raise its public profile.

7. Is there an appreciation of the new character of admissions?

In addition to reviewing admissions office operations, strategies and tactics, we will examine staffing, budgets, computer support, communication flow and so forth. We assess whether a college or university could benefit from the GDAIS approach to prospect management through customized recruitment and provide suggestions for promotional and recruitment activities that will increase the effectiveness of the admissions office.

8. Are financial aid and merit scholarships being used effectively?

We look at how well a college or university uses financial aid as a marketing tool. If necessary we provide recommendations to increase the effectiveness of need-based and merit-based financial assistance.

For more information in student recruitment assessments, contact:

Bob Campagnuolo
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