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With GDA Integrated Services research, you can gain the data your institution needs to formulate positioning strategies, effective branding, mobilize student recruitment efforts, assess financial aid and admissions policies, and conduct institutional strategic planning.

We use all data collection options including focus groups, online surveys, paper surveys, and telephone interviews. Our telephone surveys are conducted by GDA Education Research. Our market research capabilities and experience are second to none in higher education. Since 1982, we have conducted survey research and data analysis for more than 300 colleges and universities. Our research services include:

No Constituencies Are Too Difficult to Reach

In the course of a year, GDA Integrated Services will administer surveys to numerous constituencies, including:

Quantitative Market Survey Research

Quantitative survey research allows you to look at a wide variety of issues. For example, when we survey college-bound students or inquiring students, we are able to:

Creative and customized survey design

No two George Dehne & Associates Research surveys are alike. We design each survey to explore your specific issues and programs. We take great pride in finding creative ways to understand complex issues. If you don't ask the right questions, you do not get the information your institution needs. We ask the right questions.

Sophisticated data analysis

No firm can match our variety of analysis or provide it in such a user-friendly format. Our exclusive Affinity Analysis enables us to identify the students most likely to enroll in your inquiry pool and what messages will be most effective with them.

National normative data

We can provide you with broader population norms on important questions according to your institutional classification. You can see where your clientele stands nationally and where your institution "fits" in a variety of characteristics.

Segmentation analysis of available research

GDA Integrated Services research conducts segmentation analysis of available client frequency data, CIRP and admitted student surveys. With electronic copies of the data, we can look at a wide variety of demographic (gender, income, academic ability) and attitudinal segments (liberal arts-oriented, seeks a small college, etc.).

Anec-Data studies

Anec-Data blends qualitative responses with quantitative frequencies. We often recommend this approach over focus groups because we can interview more people (as many as 75) without the problem of having a dominating participant who skews the results. Overall, Anec-Data is more effective than focus groups, less expensive than quantitative studies, and perfect for learning the basics about a variety of audiences.

Environmental scanning

We constantly scan the world outside of higher education looking for insights into the future of higher education and the fast changing world of marketing. This connection helps you stay apace of the dramatic and dynamic developments outside higher education.

Strategic planning

After obtaining survey data, many colleges want assistance implementing the results. GDA Integrated Services research can help colleges and universities use research data to develop long-range strategic plans. Because we have worked with more than 300 institutions, you won't stumble over the question "what are other colleges and universities doing?" And, with our expertise in the higher education field,we are the leader in forecasting the impact of trends and developments outside higher education on colleges and universities.

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