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Making calls to prospective students is an arduous task for admissions staff, but our research tells us the right kind of calls pays off. GDA Telerecruiting makes the right kinds of calls. As our title suggests, we do not simply screen your inquiry pool, we recruit students to visit, apply, and enroll. Here's what makes GDA Telerecruiting distinctive:

Admissions expertise

All our callers are former admissions officers from a wide variety of colleges and universities.This means they can talk to students as experts and they know the language of admissions.
Your prospects will know they have dealt with professionals.


All callers become familiar with the client institution before they make the first call. They can answer most of the questions that your staff can.
Prospects get accurate information and their questions answered.


We assign callers by institutional type. For example, callers who have worked at women's colleges represent our women's college clients. Callers who have worked with transfer and graduate student populations are assigned to projects that target these inquiry groups.
Our callers not only know your institution but they know your sector as well.


We help you tailor the list of names we call to ensure the maximum impact.
The calls we make will have the greatest impact at the lowest possible price.

Instant Results

On a daily basis, clients are notified of hot prospects, their interests and concerns.
Your staff is constantly working with the students most likely to apply and/or enroll.


After each set of calls, we provide a full report on the results and, if necessary, recommendations.
Not only do you know where to focus your attention, we can help you do it better.


We can set-up off-campus interviews for your counselors so your staff can stay focused on recruiting.
Benefit: Get the full benefit of the off-campus interviews without burning out your staff with mundane scheduling activities.


We offer a unique retention telephone campaign that has resulted in lower attrition time and time again - often for the same client.
Learn which students are at risk of withdrawal before they do.

For more information about telerecruiting, contact:

Bob Campagnuolo
Email Bob