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After many years of modest enrollment success, The University of Tulsa engaged GDAIS in 2002 to help them develop recruitment strategies enhanced by state-of-the-art electronic communication. A few years later, GDAIS would be invited to revamp their print strategy, as well.

Using mini-websites and HTML e-mails developed by GDAIS, Tulsa was able to present a new image to the world outside of Oklahoma and attract more, higher quality students from around the world.

In 2008, Tulsa invited GDAIS to undertake a positioning and messaging study to unify its admissions recruitment messaging and guide a total revision of the University’s print publications. Capitalizing on Tulsa’s unique combination of state-of-the-art facilities, programs tied to future trends in engineering, business and the liberal arts, and an infectiously strong sense of campus camaraderie, GDAIS positioned Tulsa as “Forward Thinking,” and built a powerful new publications program on this compelling theme that carefully manages its message of student-centric education that is positioned for the future.

Throughout our partnership with the University of Tulsa, we also provided ongoing consulting services, managed the student search and senior marketing/online application programs and are currently exploring options to recruit out-of-state students in new markets, specifically New England.

During the time we have worked with Tulsa, their enrollment has increased more than 30%, their average SAT scores (V+M) have increased from 1050 to over 1200, and one out of ten members of their freshmen class is a National Merit Scholarship winner.

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